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How to secure a no-PPC-competition status.

#1 No-Alternative Choice of Proactive Affiliate Advertisers.

The Ultimate Affiliate PPC Optimization and Management System

- is to track ad campaigns on a keyword level, reveal profitable search keywords and referring websites, dynamically optimize landing pages for minimum bids, maximize ROIs, stop Click Fraud and thats just the beginning

- automatically, 24/7 with the help of new, innovative technology

There is a better 3 step way of pay-per-click advertising, without poor performance, unstable ROIs and uncertain future.

A compelling way to map out the shortest route to your recurring PPC returns.

The way to secure systematic results and cover all aspects of PPC advertising through advanced (1) tracking, (2) testing and (3) optimization mechanisms, working for you 24/7.

step 1 step 2 step 3
Great Quality Score
Great Quality Score
High Click-Through Rates
High CTRs
High Conversion Rates
High Convertion Rates

It is time for a Strategic Advertising with accountable and foreseeable profits.

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The Dark Age of PPC Advertising:

  • blind shooting in the dark
  • disorganized behavior
  • no understanding
  • clear losses vision

The Innovative PPC Advertising Scheme:

  • dynamic tracking & optimization
  • laser-targeted profit hunting
  • strategic plan
  • clear profit vision

Discover the Exact Profit-Pulling Keywords and Sites

Leave the guesswork for the competition and turn money-wasting campaigns into residual profit systems. NP will (1) show, (2) track and (3) discover the exact keywords, search keywords and referring websites that make you money for any PPC campaign on complete autopilot.

Discovers the exact high-converting and profit-pulling Search keywords
Manages Unlimited PPC campaigns, groups, keywords
Discovers which ad keywords convert
Tracks all incoming and outgoing clicks per keyword, group, campaign on the fly
Automatically calculates Costs, Profits, CTRs and ROIs per keyword, group, campaign and globally
Generates and tracks Adwords Destination links with keyword codes
Manages CPC, Aver.CPC and Profit for each keyword
Reveals web-pages from Google content network that do bring you money
Mass Imports and updates keyword performance statistics across all ad groups and campaigns in 3 clicks of a mouse New
Displays keyword performance statistics by time periods, active status and chosen column parameters New  
Dynamically generates phrase and exact matches keywords
Discovers hidden niche markets demands
Fully Supports adding & tracking of keyword-targeted or sites-targeted campaigns New
Supports any payment-processing company, merchant or 3rd party affiliate scripts and programs accepting a tracking code, including Clickbank, 2Checkout, Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, ShareASale etc.

Real-time Landing Pages Optimization

Integrate and manage all your PPC landing pages in one place. Tactically insert a Root Keyword tag for any ad group you run into the <Title>, <headers> and <content> of your landing page in order to instantly secure a "Great" keyword score and minimum 0.05 cents and lower bids for each keyword in your ad group.

Every tag will be dynamically replaced by the Root Keyword you specified and skyrocket your Landing page performance, by boosting your quality score, minimize keyword bids and boost visitors' response

Organizes all your Landing pages in One System
Targets Your Root Keyword for any PPC campaign
Dynamically Inserts Your Root Keyword to any landing Page
Dynamically Adds Keyword tracking ID to any link or code you need
Automatically Tracks Outgoing clicks and Calculates Landing pages CTR
Maximizes your Landing Page's Quality Score
Minimizes your keyword bids
Runs live split-testing experiments of landing pages
Skyrockets conversions with ultra-targeted Landing page
Adds a landing-page ad group or a direct redirection ad group New

The Full-fledged Click Fraud Screening Module

With "NeoPerformancer" you won't stay in the dark looking at how your budget is being smashed for no apparent reason. You'll get live proof of fraud for every visitor clicking on your ads to report to Google Police if necessary.

Enjoy the built-in intelligent system of screening and scoring fraud-activity and protecting your PPC campaigns 24/7. Spot and report click-scammers at once
Each click is seamlessly screened against typical fraudulent actions and marked as Normal, Suspicious or Potential Fraud for your easy viewing
Browse visitors' statistics and clicks, filter by time
Export Click Fraud statistics in CSV format for easy Spreadsheet Editor viewing New

No scammer will waste your advertising budget anymore.

You are not a blind prey in the predatory hands of scammers or competition. You are now armed and dangerous.

All-in-one Campaigns Manager
intuitive Adwords-type Admin panel showing you a snapshot of your PPC campaigns performance in real-time, global CTR and ROIs

Ad Groups Manager
track performance of your ad groups live, create a direct-linking or landing page group, set ad group keywords and assign landing pages

Keywords Manager
a fully-fledged keywords tracking and managing system, generators, search keywords and referral sites managers, statistics and much more

Click Fraud Alert
incoming clicks screener, a database of visitors' statistics with IPs, a time stamp and an export function

Zero Learning Curve

NP Admin panel is so familiar and intuitive for any Adwords advertiser that you'll barely feel any difference. Save weeks of learning time for other web applications. Reveal NeoPerformancer's full potential within 30 minutes.

Check out the creencasts on how easy it is to install and manage NeoPerformancer.

NeoPerformancer Screencasts

When Top Performance is a Core Philosophy

NeoPerformancer is a smart web system with optimized core, advanced logic, flexible module structure, capable of squeezing maximum potential of any advertising campaign with flying colors.

We believe that high-ROI campaigns can be optimized by a high-performing system only. NP does not leave you with second choices or compromises.

Ultimate Affiliate PPC Tracking System

With NeoPerformance you don't have to guess which subscriber resulted in a sale, a phone order or which CPA keyword brings you the money. Just let NP to assign a special tracking ID to any link or web-form submitted and you will always know which keyword and ad group generated that customer to you today or a year ago. Identify any subscriber or lead by their NP tracking ID easily, effortlessly, anytime. This way you may track:

  • affiliate clickthoughs;
  • online or phone orders;
  • lead registrations;
  • signups;
  • effectiveness of your ads, referral sites and keywords;
  • effectiveness of landing pages and web-pages;
  • marketing campaigns and links inside emails;
  • and so forth...

Need more? Tell us and you will have it.

Special Bonus: Three Premium Top-Performing Landing Pages

You'll get ultra-optimized for maximum performance landing pages that you can use to your liking.

Create Laser-targeted review sites
Ideal for attention-grabbing comparison charts
Turn them into high-converting email squeeze pages
Change, modify or edit the way you prefer
For your Personal use only

Each unique web-design comes in 3 color schemes, what makes you an owner of

Nine Conversion Squeezing Sites as a Free Bonus you don't want to miss!

In all honesty, if excellence is your style, don't compromise your PPC optimization system.

"NeoPerformancer" is an adequately up-to-date response to your Adwords challenges that enforces convenience and confidence in your PPC advertising.


You have full 30 days to test drive NeoPerformancer to its full potential at our risk.

If NP doesn't deliver as described Or you are just not satisfied, you will immediately receive your money back and your license will be terminated, no questions asked and no hard feelings. Period. You will keep all the PLR Squeeze pages valued at $297 as our "thank you for trying" though.

Terms of Licensing

NeoPerformancer License fee is $247 $97 one-time.

A License allows you to install one copy of NeoPerformancer on any domain and manage unlimited number of Adwords PPC Campaigns, redirect to or optimize unlimited number of landing pages on unlimited number of different domains.

If you need to install a copy of NeoPerformancer on multiple domains or for your clients, you need to purchase additional Licenses. Volume discounts are available.

General requirements:
+ NeoPerformancer is a server-side web application
+ Requirements: Apache + PHP 4.3 + MySQL 3.23

Indisputable Benefits:
+ Low one-time fee
+ No royalties
+ No monthly charges
+ 30 days test-drive
+ Instant download
+ Encrypted secure ordering
+ FREE updates
Dedicated Support:
+ FREE Installation Support
+ FREE Landing pages optimization Support
+ FRRE Campaigns setup Support
Optional Premium Service:
+ Exclusive Feature Development on request
+ FREE Optimized Landing Pages

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